June 25, 2017

Visitors to Our Diocese
From Greece and Uganda

- Valencia Cheruto -

On Thursday 22nd of June, we received visitors in our diocese of Kisumu and all western Kenya. They were Fr. Emmanuel from Greece, Doctor Hamiisi and Sister Maria from Uganda. On this day, they had a meeting with the staff of the diocese. In the discussion, Fr. Emmanuel promised to vanish some offices in the diocesan offices especially that of the General Vicar, Youth Formation Director and of the diocese financial controller.

Dr. Hamiisi also had brought the diocese the great news of goats breeding project. He explained to us the need of the project, how to manage it, its benefits and how we can be self-dependent with this project. Finally, he promised to start the goat project with the youth of the diocese. Fr. Emmanuel thereafter promised to facilitate the youth chairperson and the youth secretary with something small every month for the sake of that project.

On 23rd Friday, Fr. Emmanuel and his team had a meeting with the mothers union which included the Papadhias. Both parties had a healthy talk which is for the benefits of the whole diocese.

In length, Fr. Emmanuel told mothers their importance in church, their work in the church and how they are supposed to live with their husbands. He also spoke about the work of the Papadhias. He told them that they should know that they are “deacons” to their husbands who are priests. For that case, they should prepare them psychologically for service, arrange their vestments and make sure they are clean and ironed, make sure the church is clean and arranged well and also be there them always.

After that, Dr. Hamiisi also passed them through the goat’s project. Told them how they can rare goats locally breeds them with the Exotic male and has better yields, benefit and profit just after 24 months period.

On 24th Saturday 2017, His Grace Bishop Athanasios Akunda and Fr. Emmanuel together with his team, Kakamega vicarage priests and the diocesan staff celebrated liturgy at St. Matthew Esibwali parish. After the liturgy, there was good entertainment then Fr. Emmanuel from Greece was given a chance to give his speech.

He praised the work and the humility of our bishop and also the diocesan as a whole. He also promised to construct that church of St. Matthew Esibwali in memory of the late Rev Fr. Athanasios who was its founder.

His Grace also made Mr. Sammuel who is one of the parishioner of the parish of St. Matthew a reader.

The service was adjourned by His Grace Bishop Athanasios after his brief speech. Thereafter, there was a short meeting of His Grace, Fr. Emmanuel and the priests of the vicarage about the” dignity of a priest”. May God bless our visitors and grant our Bishop Many Years.

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Valencia Cheruto is the office secretary and has a diploma in journalism and mass communications....[more]

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Valencia Cheruto is the office secretary and has a diploma in journalism and mass communications.