July 07, 2017

Proposed Monastery Visit
St. Antony

- Valencia Cheruto -

It was many blessings for our visitors from Greece; Rev Fr. Monk Apostolos, Nuns Anthusa, Emalia and Natalia together with His Grace Bishop Athanasios and his team to visit the proposed Monastery of St. Antony which was blessed by His Beatitude Pope and Patriarch Theodoros II.

They entered the chapel of St. Antony, prayed there and were shown the sign of cross which our beloved patriarch drew with his own hand as a sign of blessing on the wall of the chapel alter. Our beloved visitors also found a good time to speak to the faithful and the community members who were present, about the spirituality. Fr. Apostolos explained the live of monastery compared to normal lifestyle, brotherhood, sisterhood and importance of dedicating our lives to Christ. In the Nun Anthusa’s speech, she quoted that, “If you leave everything for Christ who is everything, He will give you everything.”

From there, His Grace together with the visitors and his team proceeded to the church of St. Mark which was few kilometers from the monastery. He was going there to bless and lay the foundation of that church of St. Mark.

Afterwards, we came back to the diocesan headquarters late in the evening where Fr.Monk Apostolos together with Deacon Johannes, Nuns and faithful did the service of Vespers and Apodhipno. May Almighty God grant many years to our Patriarch Theodoros and our bishop Athanasios.

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Valencia Cheruto is the office secretary and has a diploma in journalism and mass communications....[more]

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Valencia Cheruto is the office secretary and has a diploma in journalism and mass communications.